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These contrary statements are illustrative of the ongoing discussion about the present and future role brands can play in consumer’s buying behavior. Probably every decade in the recent history of branding witnessed the emergence of a movement under the headline “crisis in branding” or “brands in trouble”. The latest version of this dispute was triggered by — what is known in the Marketing literature — as “Marlboro Friday”. A substantial price-cut (-20%) for Marlboro-cigarettes by the category leader Phillip Morris induced a shift in consumer buying habits in many product categories. Consumers were said to substitute brands by equally valued no-names, to reduce their loyalty to their favorite brands and to generally emphasize the “value for money” theme. A deeper analysis of these claims, however, yielded the impression that actual problems in very specific product categories (e.g. exaggerated price premia) had been incorrectly generalized across all categories, markets and even countries (see Feldwick/Bonnel, 1996). Not surprisingly brands shortly after have been “alive and kicking”.


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