Israel and the Freistaat Sachsen—A Foreword



The book you hold in your hands is one of the many proofs for a close relationship between the Freistaat Sachsen (the Free State of Saxony, one of the 16 Länder of the Federal Republic of Germany) and the State of Israel. From early after the political turn-about in East Germany in 1989 the re-founded federal state of Saxony engaged very actively in establishing a firm relationship with the State of Israel. There are examples in abundance that confirm the success of this endeavor. Not all of them can certainly be mentioned here. Numerous activities relate to the lives of Jews in Saxony. New synagogues were built in Saxony’s capital Dresden, and in Chemnitz, its third largest city. Many other activities were directed towards establishing a close relationship between Saxony and Israel in the fields of science and arts. The state of Saxony has—for example—wholeheartedly supported the establishment and growth of the Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture in Leipzig, among others by supporting the University of Leipzig in appointing the internationally renowned historian Dan Diner to a Professorship for Jewish History and Culture. Professor Diner is now also the Director of the Simon Dubnow Institute. Close scientific relations were also established with the Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan. Members of that university have frequently visited Saxony. A high-ranking delegation from Saxonian universities, including the then rectors of the Universities of Technology in Dresden and Chemnitz, visited the Ramat-Gan campus of Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv a few years ago. The most important outcome of this cooperation effort was and continues to be the establishment of the Dr. Josef Burg Chair of Human Values, Peace and Tolerance at the School of Education of Bar-Ilan University. This chair was established in 1995 and is supported by the State of Saxony with an annual endowment of approximately € 130.000. Recently, the Saxonian State Government has decided to continue its support for this chair at least until 2003.


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