Quantum Chromodynamics

  • Manfred Böhm
  • Ansgar Denner
  • Hans Joos


The theory of the strong interaction of elementary particles, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), is a non-abelian gauge theory with SU(3) as gauge group. The degrees of freedom corresponding to this SU(3) are called colour. The quarks have besides the flavour also colour degrees of freedom and transform according to the fundamental representation of colour SU(3). The eight coloured gauge bosons are called gluons. The colour degree of freedom was introduced in Refs. [Gr64, Ha65, Ge72]. Coloured gluons were proposed by H. Fritzsch, M. Gell-Mann, and H. Leutwyler [Fr73]. The colour degree of freedom solved the following three puzzles of the quark model: the problems with the lifetime of the neutral π meson, the total hadronic cross section in e+e- annihilation, and the “wrong” quark statistics in the baryon bound states.


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