Entropy Aware Adaptive Compression for SQL Column Stores

  • K. T. SridharEmail author
  • Jimson Johnson
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 928)


With the advent of SQL column stores, compression has gained renewed interest and drawn considerable attention from both academia and industry. Unlike row stores, column stores use lightweight compression methods and, generally, compression granularity is at entire column level. In this paper we outline and explore an alternative compression strategy for column stores that works at a different granularity and adapts itself to data, on-the-fly, using a compression planner. The approach yields good compression ratios, facilitates compression during bulk data load and also mitigates some issues that arise from having to maintain global meta-data on compression. We describe its implementation in analytics database dbX, a cloud agnostic, columnar MPP SQL product and present experimental results.


Column store Database compression Compression planner 



We thank M.A. Sakkeer for his feedback in using modules of compression and decompression in bulk loading and query execution; Dipanjan Deb for operational cloud support and help with AWS runs.


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