Status of Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific Region

  • Espen RonnebergEmail author
  • Peniamina Dougalii Leavai
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Climate change and disaster risks increase the vulnerability of Pacific Island people. Climate change impacts also cause progressive long-term degradation to the natural environment, to critical ecosystems (e.g. coral reefs). They collectively undermine the sustainable development of the Pacific region significantly. This chapter highlighted the readiness of country and region and gaps between current level of adaptation practices and efforts at national levels primarily realised by the lead agency, as assigned by respective countries, and the efforts that are projected to reach a hypothetical ‘safe’ level of adaptation in view of recent science (i.e. AR5) and assessed needs for adaptation. The analyses are primarily based on eight indicators presented in the framework chapter.


Climate change Adaptation Resilience Mainstreaming Integration Pacific region 


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