Enhanced Actions on Adaptation

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Asia and the Pacific region, home of large world population, has made progress in both social and economic development while quality of environmental resources went down. In addition to degradation of environmental resources, impacts of climate change are becoming more and more visible. Countries in the region are taking steps and started adjusting policies and building institutional capacity but the pathway for attaining the adaptation vision, goals, and objectives still requires overcoming several bumps and humps along the way. The constraints facing by the region to enhance its adaptation efforts consisting of a complex web of interconnected factors which influence each other. While a clear timebound adaptation vision is necessary to develop by most of the countries in the region, making mainstreaming or integration of climate change adaptation is business for all actors is equally important. Investing on institutional capacity building for adaptation planning, implementation, and monitoring results is necessary too. A country would also need to take advantages of interlinkages and multiple benefits of measures of climate change adaptation, development, and disaster risk reductions in achieving its sustainable development goals. This chapter highlighted several areas that countries in the region need to focus on to advance its adaptation actions.


Adaptation actions Finance Integration Institutional capacity mainstreaming Technologies 


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