Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

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The basic objectives of this book are set for (1) removing a big and long lasting gap in our understandings on mangrove ichnology; (2) detailed characterization of the ichnological elements in terms of ichnotaxonomy, environmental zonation, bathymetry, ichnofacies, ichnofabrics, organic life habits, biophysical principles of trace making activities, sexual dimorphism, ontogenic variations, sea level changes, ecological adaptations and preservation potential; (3) creation of a classified database on lebensspuren typical of mangrove deltaic ecosystem as modern analogues of ancient trace fossils and some of the enigmatic Proterozoic fossils and dubiofossils and (4) application of present knowledge to the past in various fields of geology, hydrogeology and geotechnology. This concluding chapter provides a summary of the work done, salient conclusions and a few recommendations with reference to a new field of mangrove ichnology.

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