The Online Self-assessment Mygoalin Supporting Self-regulated Learning: User-Feedback for Optimization

  • Rebecca Fill GiordanoEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 804)


As self-regulated learning (SRL) is the prerequisite and the basis for lifelong learning, students should be supported in their way of organizing their learning processes. Therefore, an online self-assessment called mygoalin was developed based on state-of-the-art theoretical frameworks of educational psychology. This paper deals with the analysis of user-feedback to assess user-friendliness and usability of mygoalin with the aim to optimize the self-assessment tool for students. The qualitative content analysis comprises N = 67 students, who completed mygoalin and then answered different questions regarding usability and critical issues. The original qualitative answers were paraphrased based on the qualitative content analysis according to Mayring. Two categories (I elements and II review type) were defined and a total of 988 paraphrased statements were recorded. Already the number of 604 (60.5%) positive statements and the frequent mention of the usefulness and user-friendliness, suggest that mygoalin seems to be useful for self-reflection. Of these, 262 (26.3%) are critical statements and 132 (13.2%) suggest improvements. Qualitative analysis led to certain insights for optimizing mygoalin. The needs for a revision to improve the usability and an extension of the tool were discussed. Thus, mygoalin revised has become an online learning assistant supporting SRL by giving the opportunity for a standardized but still individual way.


Self-regulated learning Qualitative content analyses Online self-assessment 


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