• Kam C. Wong
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This chapter documents public reactions to the Mongkok Riot (MKR) and analyzes how the people of Hong Kong (HK) feel and think about the MKR. For those HK people with Chinese roots, this study offers a rare opportunity for soul-searching; that is, “self-cultivation” in search of transcendental awareness. The study is limited to reporting reactions from major MKR stakeholders, including “The China–HK Establishment” (Section I), “HK Legislative Council” (Section II), “HKP: Senior Officers” (Section III), and "HKP: Frontline View" (Section IV). It ends with a "Conclusion" with lessons learned (Section V). This chapter should help us to understand the MKR from the perspectives of different stakeholders, to identify issues and to provide qualitative baseline data, and to assess the impact of the MKR on society.

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