What Happened?

  • Kam C. Wong
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This chapter is organized as follows. After a brief “Introduction,” Section I: “Missing Data” observes with resignation that there has been little concerted public or private effort to collect data and discover what happened at the Mongkok Riot (MKR). Section II: “Contribution” discusses why we need to provide a contemporary account of “what happened” at MKR for current consumption and in anticipation of future reflection. Section III: “Overview and Timeline” provides an account of MKR as it progressed, from origination to conclusion (Overview). This is followed with an hour-by-hour, blow-by-blow description of the MKR in progress (Timeline). Section IV: “Planning and Organizing” makes the case that the MKR is made up of many incidents, with only a minority planned and organized by Hong Kong Indigenous for publicity, promotion and election. Section V: “Nine Confrontations” describes in narrative form nine distinctive police versus protestor confrontations that make up the MKR that we have come to know. Section VI: “Conclusion”.

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