Breast Mass Evaluation

  • Anjali R. Thawani
  • Lillian M. ErdahlEmail author


Initial evaluation of a breast mass starts with a focused history and physical. Patient age as well as personal history and physical exam findings informs further evaluation of the mass with breast imaging. The best initial imaging for women >40 years of age is mammogram, whereas ultrasound is better for women <30, and many aged 30–39 depends on patient age. Further imaging and possible biopsy should be performed as recommended by the Breast Imaging Radiologist for all lesions that are Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS) 4 or 5 and some that are BIRADS 3. Biopsy results should be assessed for radiology-pathology concordance. Excision for treatment or further diagnosis will depend on biopsy results. Follow-up of BIRADS 3 solid lesions not biopsied should be every 3–6 months until stable for 2 years.


Breast mass Breast biopsy Mammography Ultrasound Excisional biopsy 


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