Director of the Observatory and Stay in Arosa

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The situation at the Observatory in Leiden was far from ideal. Little management, little observations, little publications. The ‘young’ Van de Sande Bakhuyzen would turn 70 in 1918, the regular age to retire. Some activity arose round the Observatory at the end of 1917. Mr. Rh. Feith Esq., member of the Board of Governors of the University, said in a meeting of the Board, that he had heard from reliable sources that part of the staff of the Observatory were less qualified [AUL, BG minutes]. The case was held over to the next meeting, but it was decided not to enter into proposals of the director in the meantime. In the next meeting the situations were discussed at the hand of a letter of Jan van der Bilt, astronomer in Utrecht, to the Board of Governors. De Sitter and Kapteyn also discussed the necessity to intervene in February 1918, but they decided to wait until De Sitter would be completely recovered. De Sitter had already missed the jubilee on the occasion of Kapteyn’s 40-years’ professorship on 20 February.


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