Ulam Numbers of Graphs

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Let G1 = (V1, E1) and G2 = (V2, E2) be two graphs having |V1| = |V2| and |E1| = |E2|. By an Ulam decomposition of order r we mean two partitions π1 = {E1,1, E1,2, …, E1,r} of E1 and π2 = {E2,1, E2,2, …, E2,r} of E2, having the properties for all 1 ≤ i ≤ r, (1) |E1,i| = |E2,i| and (2) the subgraph G[E1,i] induced by E1,i is isomorphic to the subgraph G[E2,i] induced by E2,i. In this note we generalize this concept, first introduced in 1979 by Chung et al. in Congr Numer 23:3–18, 1979.


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