Maritime Sudden Mass Casualty Incidents

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On a cruise ship, there is an average of two physicians and three nurses on call for emergencies 24 h a day. Both the doctors and nurses are emergency medicine specialists.

There is an average of one ventilator, 3–4 cardiac monitors, 5–8 pulse oxymeters, and one infirmary bed per 1000 passengers. Most of the ships do not have an operating room.

Each infirmary has the capability to provide critical care to one patient for 3–5 days.

It is possible that among the passengers, there will be a surgeon(s), anesthesiologist(s), trauma/critical care nurses, or other specialized medical personnel.

If we use the definition that a sudden mass casualty incident (SMCI) is a “temporary state of insufficiency” (lack of enough personnel, equipment, supplies, evacuation) as described previously, every incident aboard a cruise ship (e.g., explosion) that exceeds one severely injured patient may be considered a SMCI.


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