Management of Crush Injuries and Crush Syndrome

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Crush injury – Occurs as a result of pressure applied to any part of the body, usually extremities, for a prolonged period of time. It may be associated or not with limb fractures. Complications of a crush injury are crush syndrome and compartment syndrome.

Compartment syndrome – Occurs as a result of increased pressure inside the limb compartments, upper or lower, and may lead to loss of limb or life, if not diagnosed and treated early.

The diagnosis of compartment syndrome are based on the following clinical signs and symptoms:
  • Pain. Usually out of proportion compared to the injury. It is usually an early symptom.

  • Poikilothermia.

  • Paresthesia.

  • Paresis.

  • Pallor.

  • Pulselessness.


Crush injury Compartment syndrome Fluid resuscitation Limb amputation Fasciotomy 

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