A Glimpse at the History of Seismology in Algeria

  • Assia HarbiEmail author
  • Amal Sebaï
  • Mohamed Salah Boughacha
Part of the Springer Geology book series (SPRINGERGEOL)


Seismology has a long tradition stretching back over three centuries in Algeria since the country is an earthquake-prone area. This paper presents a quick overview on the development of seismology in Algeria from the first written records of seismic events in the fourteenth century up to the monitoring of earthquakes and modern, and historical seismological studies nowadays. We particularly focus on the important milestones on the way of progress of seismology in Algeria and present a summary on what has been achieved so far in seismology research and education.


Algeria Seismology History Progress Research Education 



The work presented in this paper was conducted as a part of the CRAAG project E007/08. This work benefited from thoughtful comments and suggestions from the main actors of the development of seismology in Algeria during different recent periods of time. Special thanks are due to Yelles-Chaouche Abdelkarim, director of CRAAG (1998–present); Mourad Bezzeghoud, head of the Seismology and Survey Department at CRAAG in 1989–1996 (presently at Évora University, Portugal); Ayadi Abdelhakim, head of the Algeria seismic network in 1990–1998 (CRAAG, Algeria). Sincere thanks are also due to Djamel Mati for his helpful information on the IMPGA where he worked in the 1970s before moving to CNAAG, then CRAAG, and to Toufik Abdelatif, Astrophysicist at CRAAG for the useful documents that he kindly provided. The authors wish to pay tribute to the first Algerian seismologist who is the late Professor Hadj Benhallou (1937–2011), for his continued guidance and support when they were young scientists, and for his dedication to the development of research in fundamental geophysics in Algeria.


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