Outbreak Detection

  • Krishna Raj P. M.Email author
  • Ankith Mohan
  • K. G. Srinivasa
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Outbreak detection is the task of detecting outbreaks in networks, where given a network and a dynamic process spreading over this network, we have to select a set of nodes to detect this process as effectively as possible. Detecting contaminants in water networks, malicious software in computer networks, infected hosts in social networks, popular and controversial posts on online sites, are all instances of outbreak detection. We will look at competing algorithms of the “Battle of the Water Sensor Networks” (BWSN), which was a competition held at the “Annual Water Distribution Systems Analysis Symposium” at Cincinnati, Ohio in August 2006. This competition required the submission of algorithms that can find the points where a set number of sensors can be placed so as to detect outbreaks in the most efficient manner possible. Although we have looked briefly at the CELF algorithm in Chap.  9, we will look at it in detail in this chapter on how it works on the water sensor problem and detects posts of interest in Blogspace.

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