Steady-State AC Circuit Fundamentals

  • Sergey N. Makarov
  • Reinhold Ludwig
  • Stephen J. Bitar


Knowledge of DC circuit analysis (Chaps. 2, 3, and 4)


Steady-state AC circuit Signals Harmonic Amplitude Pk-Pk value Angular frequency Phase Period Steady-state AC voltage Steady-state alternating current Leading signal Lagging signal Oscilloscope Phasor Phasor voltage Phasor current Phasor diagram Phasor notation Angle notation Complex impedance Impedance of the resistor Impedance of the capacitor Impedance of the inductor Reactance KVL in phasor form KCL in phasor form Source transformation in the frequency domain Thévenin’s theorem for steady-state AC circuits Norton theorem for steady-state AC circuits Superposition principle for multifrequency AC circuits 

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