Dynamic Circuit Elements

  • Sergey N. Makarov
  • Reinhold Ludwig
  • Stephen J. Bitar


Knowledge of basic circuit theory (Chaps. 2 and 3)


Capacitance Capacitance of two conductors Self-capacitance Capacitance to ground Capacitance of two equal conductors separated by large distances Energy stored in a capacitance Electrostatic discharge (ESD) ESD effect on integrated circuits Device under test (DUT) Parallel-plate capacitor (base formulas, fringing effect, fringing fields) Capacitor (absolute dielectric permittivity, relative dielectric permittivity, dielectric strength, normalized breakdown voltage, electrolytic, tantalum, ceramic, marking, set of base values) Capacitive touch screens (self-capacitance method, mutual-capacitance method) Magnetic flux density Magnetic field Absolute magnetic permeability Relative magnetic permeability Magnetic induction Magnetic flux Self-inductance Inductance Mutual inductance Energy stored in an inductance Solenoid (air core, toroidal magnetic core, straight magnetic core, short, fringing fields) Inductor (marking, set of base values, also see solenoidDynamic equation for capacitance (definition, derivation, fluid mechanics analogy) Capacitance (instantaneous energy, instantaneous power, behavior in the DC steady state, behavior at very high frequencies) Dynamic equation for inductance (definition, derivation, fluid mechanics analogy) Inductance (instantaneous energy, instantaneous power, behavior in the DC steady state, behavior at very high frequencies) Bypass capacitor Decoupling capacitor Shunt capacitor Snubber RC circuit Decoupling inductor Inductor choke Transient circuit Amplifier circuits with dynamic circuit elements Active filters Miller integrator (circuit, DC gain, compensation, time constant) Analog pulse counter Analog computer Differentiator amplifier (circuit, gain at very high frequencies) Active differentiator 

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