AC Power and Power Distribution

  • Sergey N. Makarov
  • Reinhold Ludwig
  • Stephen J. Bitar


Knowledge of complex arithmetic


Time averaging Average power rms voltage rms current AC fuse Root mean square Sawtooth wave Triangular wave Noise signals Power angle Power factor Reactance Capacitive reactance Inductive reactance Active power True power Reactive power Complex power Apparent power VAR (volt-amperes reactive) VA (volt-amperes) Power triangle Lagging power factor Leading power factor Wattmeter Wattmeter current coil Wattmeter potential coil AC power conservation laws Power factor correction Power factor correction capacitor PFC capacitor Principle of maximum power efficiency for AC circuits Principle of maximum power transfer for AC circuits Impedance matching Single-phase two-wire power distribution system Single-phase three-wire power distribution system Neutral conductor Neutral wire Split-phase distribution system Polyphase distribution systems Three-phase four-wire power distribution system Phase voltages Line-to-neutral voltages abc phase sequence Positive phase sequence acb phase sequence Negative phase sequence Balanced phase voltages Wye (or Y) configuration Balanced three-phase source Wye-connected source Wye-connected load Wye-wye distribution system Phase impedances Load impedances per phase Balanced three-phase load Synchronous three-phase AC generator Alternator Rotor Stator Synchronous AC motor Rotating magnetic field Line-to-line voltages Line voltages Line currents Superposition principle for three-phase circuits Per-phase solution Total instantaneous load power of the three-phase system Average load power of the balanced three-phase system Reactive load power of the balanced three-phase system Complex load power of the balanced three-phase system Balanced delta-connected load Balanced delta-connected source Delta-delta distribution system 

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