Second-Order RLC Circuits

  • Sergey N. Makarov
  • Reinhold Ludwig
  • Stephen J. Bitar


Knowledge of complex arithmetic


Self-oscillating LC circuit Series resonant RLC circuit Parallel resonant RLC circuit Series RLC tank circuit Parallel RLC tank circuit Undamped resonant frequency Resonant frequency Quality factor of the series resonant RLC circuit Quality factor of the parallel resonant RLC circuit Quality factor (general definition, interpretation, mechanical analogy, trade-off between Q-factor and inductance value) Bandwidth of the series resonant RLC circuit Bandwidth of the parallel resonant RLC circuit Half-power bandwidth Upper half-power frequency Lower half-power frequency Duality of series/parallel RLC circuits Ideal filter Cutoff frequency Second-order band-pass RLC filter Second-order low-pass RLC filter Second-order band-reject (or band-stop or notch) RLC filter Second-order high-pass RLC filter Quality factor of the filter circuit Center frequency of the band-pass filter Lower and upper half-power frequencies Butterworth response Quality factor of the nonideal inductor Voltage multiplier circuit Voltage multiplication Near-field wireless link Horseshoe coil 

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