Product Development Using Heuristic-Systematic Approach: A Case Study

  • Bartosz Pryda
  • Marek MysiorEmail author


One of approaches used in TRIZ to produce inventions is the systematic approach. Another one is the heuristic set of methods that facilitates concept development. Finding the root problem, followed by deep analysis and specific formulation of the inventive problem that is being solved using heuristic way of thinking can lead to a solution that meets the initially stated objective and requirements in the best way. At the end of such design process, a new invention may come up. As a result of heuristic-systematic design using TRIZ and Synectics, two products that comprise new features currently unavailable on the market were developed. This article presents the heuristic-systematic innovation process using TRIZ and Synectics as well as concept development on an example of two inventions. The market analysis, patent mining and specific problem formulation was conducted and is presented in the article. The presented case study shows also heuristic-based concept evolution along with knowledge acquisition and deeper formulation of the problem as a response to initially stated inventive problem and market needs.


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  1. 1.Department of Machine Design and ResearchWroclaw University of Science and TechnologyWroclawPoland

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