Social Medial as Facilitator of Self-value Realization for Elderly

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  • Miaosen Gong
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Aging is a problem all over the world. It is a process involving many changes in physiology, psychology and society. “Active aging” has gradually become the world’s policy framework for coping with aging. On the one hand, it pays attention to the physical and mental health of the elderly. On the other hand, it fully explores the value of the elderly to the society. Intelligent technology development appears to be a lot of obstacles for the elderly, the elderly people feel helpless in the face of new technology, but if we can effectively use the advantages of intelligent technology, such as mobile technology to help the elderly properly adapt to the society, let them can enjoy the convenience of high-tech life. With the help of social media, elderly can enjoy better service and more ways can be created for them to realize their self-value and play their own values for the benefit of society. In this article, the author will show some cases of how to apply design thinking to product and service design in active aging, such as innovative service for the elderly through mobile Internet technology. Through deep user research and interviews with elderly and youngers, we found that some of the elderly have specialty in doing something, such as teaching English, knitting, playing instruments, photographing and so on. And on the other hand, some young people want to learn new skills from the elderly, so we can build a platform and service system that young people and elderly can communicate with each other. In this paper will describe one case studies of how to build a platform for elderly to decrease loneliness and empower elderly people and provide them with a sense of social involve and greater control and self-efficacy.


Social media Self-efficacy Active aging 

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