Key Tendencies of Scientific and Technological Development in Ukraine and Its International Dimension (Review of Statistical Indicators)

  • Igor YegorovEmail author
Part of the Cultural Psychology of Education book series (CPED, volume 7)


The chapter deals with the analysis of current situation in R&D and innovation sphere in Ukraine. It is important to stress that innovation and R&D systems in Ukraine were ‘internally oriented’, and not all internationally recognized indicators were used in the national statistics. As to the qualitative assessment, it is worth to note, that Ukrainian S&T policy has not changed substantially in recent years. Up to now, the main focus of government policy mix is on direct support of R&D in selected sectors (state-sponsored academies of sciences, some branch institutes and universities) and provision of financing to specific innovation programmes. The gap between the higher education sector and the industry remains substantial, while international cooperation is clearly underdeveloped, despite some positive changes in recent years.


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