Scientific Cooperation in Basic Research and Higher Education

  • Olha KrasovskaEmail author
  • Valentyna Andrushchenko
  • Irina Velichko
Part of the Cultural Psychology of Education book series (CPED, volume 7)


Paper is dedicated to the work on scientific cooperation by State Fund for Fundamental Research (SFFR) of Ukraine. SFFR is the only one state organization in Ukraine that provides grants for Ukrainian scientists on the competitive base. Since the Fund was established in 1992, more than 60 different competitions of initiative projects have been held both nationally and internationally. The article deals with the previous and current Ukrainian–German scientific cooperation. Analysis of publication activity of the winning projects of joint competitions held by SFFR and DFG is made through the database «Web of Science» . It is shown that these projects have a high level of publication activity and citations. Main financial indicators of SFFR grant support, the most pressing challenges it faces today and solutions are also outlined in the paper.


Ukraine Scientific cooperation Publication activity 


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