Schelling and British Theology

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This chapter looks at Schelling’s complex and often contradictory reception in British theological discourse. It begins with Coleridge, looking at his break with Schelling on theological grounds, before considering the significance of his theology on the Anglo-Coleridgeans. The chapter then examines the various theological discourses that each claimed Schelling as their own at various times during the period. It focuses on Anglo-Catholics such as Edward Bouverie Pusey and John Henry Newman, Dissenters such as Thomas Erskine of Linlathen and John Cairns, who both met Schelling, and the Manchester Unitarians such as James Martineau. The chapter concludes with a discussion of the ways in which later writers in the Anglican tradition responded not only to Schelling’s perceived pantheism, but to their interpretation of Schelling’s theological position on the incarnation.


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