Marocanization of Dutch Islamophobia and Radicalization of Dutch Moroccans

  • Sam CherribiEmail author


Why have more Dutch-Moroccan youth joined ISIS than any other ethnic group in the Netherlands? How can scholars interpret this radicalisation in light of the rising anti-Moroccan rhetoric of the Party for Freedom (PVV)? Through deconstructing the political manifestos, speeches and bills of the Party for Freedom, I will determine what specifically constitutes Dutch Islamophobia, compare the Dutch example to Islamophobia in other European states, and analyse the arguments that are used to legitimise hatred against Islam and Muslims, especially Moroccan Muslims, in the Netherlands. Due to the globalisation of the PVV party-model, not understanding how these xenophobic political structures affect marginalised populations will consequently catalyse transnational radicalisation and increase the associated societal costs.


Islamophobia Moroccan Radicalization Netherlands Party for freedom 

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