Design Optimization and Results

  • Ricardo Filipe Sereno Póvoa
  • João Carlos da Palma Goes
  • Nuno Cavaco Gomes Horta


In this chapter, a complete set of optimized designs of the OTAs proposed in this work, with post-layout simulation results and complemented with a full description of the optimization environment and conditions for each case, is provided. The optimization framework is addressed. The obtained results are compared with the state-of-the-art , demonstrating the contribution of the presented work in the field of single-stage amplifiers with throughout comparison in terms of performance metrics. The dynamic amplification is addressed in detail. Finally, two implementations in an organic technology are addressed and compared within the context of the organic technology single-stage amplifiers state of the art. An overview on the optimization framework is provided in Sect. 4.1. The VC biased OTA is addressed in Sect. 4.2. The VC biased OTA with current starving is described in Sect. 4.3. The folded VC biased OTA for lower bias voltages is addressed in Sect. 4.4. Finally, the dynamic VC biased OTA is described in Sect. 4.5. This chapter clearly demonstrates the importance and impact of electronic design automation in the future of electronic circuits and systems.


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  • Ricardo Filipe Sereno Póvoa
    • 1
  • João Carlos da Palma Goes
    • 2
  • Nuno Cavaco Gomes Horta
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  1. 1.Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de LisboaLisboaPortugal
  2. 2.UNINOVA, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de LisboaLisboaPortugal

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