Basics of Solidification Processing of Metallic Alloys

  • Dmitry G. EskinEmail author
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The micro- and macrostructure of cast metal is very important from the point of view of casting and downstream processing performance, as it determines the quality of the casting and mechanical properties of as-cast and deformed products. Fine grain structure means uniform distribution of grain size in the billet (ingot) cross-section, elimination of columnar and feathery grains, lesser macrosegregation, uniform and improved mechanical properties in the semisolid and solid states, decreased propensity to hot and cold cracks, etc. Intermetallics and other excess inclusions (oxides, carbides, nitrides, borides, etc.) should also be fine and evenly distributed in the cast matrix. These inclusions are usually intrinsic to the metallic material and result from its composition or contamination. Sometimes, however, the foreign inclusions may be intentionally added to form a composite material or for the purpose of grain refining (acting as substrates).


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