Branching in Digraphs with Many and Few Leaves: Structural and Algorithmic Results

  • Jørgen Bang-Jensen
  • Gregory GutinEmail author
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A subgraph T of a digraph D is called an out-tree if T is an oriented tree with just one vertex s of in-degree zero. A spanning out-tree is called an out-branching. A vertex x of an out-branching B is called a leaf if the out-degree of x is zero. This is a survey on out-branchings with minimum and maximum number of leaves covering both structural and algorithmic results.


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The research of Jørgen Bang-Jensen was supported by the Danish research council, grant number 1323-00178B. The research of Gregory Gutin was supported in part by Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award.


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  1. 1.IMADA, University of Southern DenmarkOdense MDenmark
  2. 2.Department of Computer Science, Royal HollowayUniversity of LondonEgham, SurreyUK

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