Collision-Free Routing Problem with Restricted L-Path

  • Jammigumpula AjayEmail author
  • Sasanka Roy
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10979)


We consider a variant of collision-free routing problem CRP. In this problem, we are given set C of n vehicles which are moving in a plane along a predefined directed rectilinear path. Our objective (CRP) is to find the maximum number of vehicles that can move without collision. CRP is shown to be NP-Hard by Ajaykumar et al. [1]. It was also shown that the approximation of this problem is as hard as Maximum Independent Set problem (MIS) even if the paths between a pair of vehicles intersects at most once. So we study the constrained version CCRP of CRP in which each vehicle \(c_i\) is allowed to move in a directed L-Shaped Path.

We prove CCRP is NP-Hard by a reduction from MIS in L-graphs, which was proved to be NP-Hard even for unit L-graph by Lahiri et al. [2]. Simultaneously, we show that any CCRP can be partitioned into collection \(\mathcal L\) of L-graphs such that CCRP reduces to a problem of finding MIS in L-graph for each partition in \(\mathcal L\). Thus we show that any algorithm, that can produce a \(\beta \)-approximation for L-graph, would produce a \(\beta \)-approximation for CCRP. We show that unit L-graphs intersected by an axis-parallel line is Co-comparable. For this problem, we propose an algorithm for finding MIS that runs in \(O(n^2)\) time and uses O(n) space. As a corollary, we get a 2-approximation algorithm for finding MIS of unit L-graph that runs in \(O(n^2)\) time and uses O(n) space.


Maximum Independent Set L-Graphs Approximation algorithm Collision-free Co-comparable graph 



The authors are thankful to Joydeep Mukherjee for many useful discussions.


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