Critical Glossary

  • Nathan Sidoli
  • Yoichi Isahaya
Part of the Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences book series (SHMP)


This glossary is not exhaustive. We omit a number of words that are used frequently and are not subject to any interpretation—such as مثلث. The goal is to help the reader to understand our translation choices and to find examples in the text. Hence, in most cases, we give the occurrences of an entry by page and line number (p.l), but in the case that the word occurs on every page, we simply state that it is “ubiquitous,” and in the case that it can be found, on average, on a majority of pages, we state that it is “common.” The glossary has three sections: cojunctions used to control logical and temporal succession, expressions used to denote operations on ratios and proportions, and a general glossary of individual words and expressions organized in alphabetical order, often under the heading of a root.


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