Designing a Product Service Platform for Older People: From Needs to Requirements

  • Roberto MenghiEmail author
  • Alessandra Papetti
  • Sara Carbonari
  • Michele Germani
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10898)


Helping older people to remain in their homes and to be more autonomous and less isolated, escaping from the potential related depression, is a global challenge. To support people ‘age in place’, the paper proposes a specific data collection to establish the possible requirements of a novel Product Service Platform for wellbeing and health of older people. The study of a community of older people over 75 who live in their homes has allowed acquiring the knowledge of their main needs and characteristics. Two focus groups with experts dealing with the ageing population were then set up to define: (a) how to design an IT artifact that meets end-users needs and (b) the services that a Product Service Platform should provide.


Product service platform Healthcare Elderly Survey Smart environments 


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  • Sara Carbonari
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  • Michele Germani
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