Study of Annotations in e-health Domain

  • Khalil ChehabEmail author
  • Anis Kalboussi
  • Ahmed Hadj Kacem
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10898)


The efforts to computerize the medical record of a patient began in 1990. In the documents of this record, the healthcare professional practices the annotation activity. Most medical annotation systems are made to perform a specific task. As a result, we have dozens of medical annotation system that we sneak a fragmented image in the absence of generic classification for these. In this article, we try to present a unified image by classifying 30 medical annotation systems based on 5 generic criteria and the features offered by them. From these two classifications, we present our observation and the limits of these systems.


e-heath Annotation Classification Health record Annotation system Healthcare professionals 


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  • Ahmed Hadj Kacem
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  2. 2.Higher Institute of Computer Science and ManagementUniversity of KairouanKairouanTunisia
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