Multi-view Model Contour Matching Based Food Volume Estimation

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In this paper, an automatic food volume estimation method based on outer contour matching is proposed, which avoids the complicated calculation. We pre-defined a simple 3D model library and stored the projections and the user’s hand. Users took three images containing their hands from three views. The contour of segmented image was compared with the projections to find the best match. Meanwhile, we took the user’s hand as the scale and calculated the volume. As the method is easy to operate, less space-consuming, it is quite suitable for integrated application in the mobile app.


Food volume estimation Image segmentation Contour matching Image registration Mobile application 



The research work described in this paper was fully supported by the grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 61472043), National Key Research and Development Program Project: “The key technologies research and integrated demonstration of mountain torrent disaster monitoring and early warning (2017YFC1502505). Prof. Xin Zheng and Qian Yin are the authors to whom all correspondence should be addressed.


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