Estimation of Risks in Scrum Using Agile Software Development

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In this era a number of latest trivial software development process methods have been developed. Agile software development is one of them. Agile is a time-dependent approach to software delivery. Scrum is the agile software development methodology process that is extensively utilized today in many of the software companies. It is an agile technique to handle a project, usually in agile software development. Agile software development by way of Scrum is frequently perceived as a methodology; however than showing Scrum as methodology, consider of it as a framework for handling a process. This paper will initiate with the background, it will cover the characteristics and definition of agile software development and highlights the major different agile software techniques. Various agile techniques will also elaborate in this paper. The core aim of this paper is to identify risk on agile development and improve the quality of the software by using agile methodologies.


Scrum Agile software development Traditional software development Risk management Software development techniques 



We authors acknowledge with thanks assistance rendered by Prof. Dr. Javed Anjum Sheikh, University of Lahore, (Gujrat Campus) for providing crucial insight during the course of the research work, which greatly improved the manuscript.


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