Physical Work Intensity of In-Plant Milk Run Operator. Part II – Case Study

  • Aleksandra Polak-SopinskaEmail author
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 793)


The article presents the outcomes of the project carried out in selected production plant that aim was to implement changes in the work process of the in-plant milk run operator. The assumptions of the project was that all Polish standards concerning the effective energy expenditure for physical work involving lifting and moving objects are met and operator tasks will be adapted to the physical ability of mature workers. The project has been carried out in 6 stages. The effective energy expenditure prior to and after the changes was determined through the measurement of pulmonary ventilation conducted with an MWE-1 energy expenditure meter and the G. Lehmann’s estimation method. The findings of research indicate that milk run operator work can be very hard or even illegal in Poland. In order to decrease the level of energy expenditure it is necessary to implement work-facilitating solutions, including automation and robotization of workplaces.


Ergonomics Industry 4.0 Production engineering Energy expenditure Manual handling Internal transport system 


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