MPE© - Mental Protective Equipment - For a Shared Perception of Occupational Disease Prevention

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In order to change the behavior, you need to create a need. Hard task when the danger is not perceived and when the event [i.e. the work accident] has not yet occurred. Hard task when safety training takes place in a classroom and not at the work site.

PPE is not sufficient: it protects the workers from certain [material] risks but not from those related to diversity, alcohol/substance abuse, stress. Perhaps for these risks it is the individual’s experience, shared with the co-workers, which can make the difference and ultimately protect us.

As a consequence, the concept of MPE© - Mental Protective Equipment was created by our group with the aim to identify that sort of sharing that could be implemented among co-workers through their work experiences. Sharing such knowledge represents the key to protect the workers from all the pathologies they incur in spite of using PPE, attending classroom training and having a complete prevention system in place.



Creating and assembling our project would not be possible without the support of so many people, in so many ways. First of all, our companies and colleague. Their helpful suggestions and comments have been fundamental for the development of the MPE©.

It was then a great privilege for us to work with the companies, and all of their workers, that participate to the school. We are grateful for their support and inspiration.

ASA group, A.W.M. Spa, Chiurlo SRL, Coats Thread Italy S.R.L., Dipharma Francis srl, Euroteh SPA, Friulana gas SPA, Gortani SRL, Luvata Italy srl, Mangiarotti spa, Moroso spa, Prosciuttificio Wolf Sauris S.P.A., R.D.M. Ovaro SPA, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Snaidero Rino SPA, Solari di Udine spa provided indispensable advice, information and support to the MPE© method.

Susanna, Alberto, Malcom, Silvia e Danilo, Sergio, Silvano, Stefano, Marco, Giovanni e Marino, Gianpaolo, Massimo, Cristian, Lorenzo, Gianfranco, Dino, Alessio: you have our deep appreciation and gratitude.

A special thanks to Susanna Bernardinis, AWM, who help us writing this paper, and to our families who support us every day.

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