Building Read/Write Registers Despite Asynchrony and Less than Half of Processes Crash (t < n/2)

  • Michel Raynal


This chapter is on the construction of multi-writer multi-reader registers in asynchronous messagepassing systems prone to the crash of a minority of processes (system model CAMPn,t[t < n/2]). It first considers atomic registers for which it adopts an incremental presentation, with three constructions, each one extending the previous one. The first one builds a single-writer multi-reader (SWMR) regular register, which is extended by the second construction to obtain a single-writer multi-reader (SWMR) atomic register. The third one consists in a simple extension of the second one to obtain a multi-writer multi-reader (MWMR) atomic register. The chapter then addresses the construction of sequentially consistent registers.


Acknowledgment Asynchronous system Atomic register Client Composability Majority Process crash failure Read must write Read/write register Regular register Sequentially consistent register Server Two-phase algorithm 


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