Reliable Broadcast in the Presence of Process Crashes and Unreliable Channels

  • Michel Raynal


The previous chapter presented several constructions for the uniform reliable broadcast (URB) abstraction. These constructions considered the asynchronous underlying system model CAMP\([\emptyset]\) in which processes may crash and channels are reliable. These constructions differ in the quality of service they provide to the application processes, this quality being defined with respect to the order in which the messages are delivered (namely, FIFO or CO order). This order restricts message asynchrony.

This chapter introduces constructions of URB-broadcast suited to asynchronous systems prone to process crashes and unreliable channels, i.e., asynchronous system models weaker than CAMPn,t\([\emptyset]\).


Asynchronous system Communication abstraction Distributed algorithm Fair channel Fair lossy channel Failure detector Heartbeat failure detector Impossibility result Process crash failure Quiescence property Reliable broadcast Uniform reliable broadcast Theta failure detector Unreliable channel 


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