Network Traffic Analytics for Internet Service Providers—Application in Early Prediction of DDoS Attacks

  • Apostolos P. Leros
  • Antonios S. AndreatosEmail author
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 149)


In this chapter an approach for modelling intra-values forecasts of a time-series Network Traffic using a mean reverting stochastic process (MRSP) is presented. An autoregressive model of order n, AR(n), formalized in state space, with its unobservable coefficients estimated by a Kalman filter using n past time series observations produces [AR(n)-KF] estimates, which constitute the mean reverting part of the process. A Brownian motion multiplied by a diffusion (or volatility) term constitutes the stochastic part of the process. The determinant and trace of the Kalman filter error covariance matrix multiplied by the process itself is used to capture the diffusion dynamics in the intra-values time-series. The proposed algorithm is designed especially for network traffic and it does not assume stationary data. The method was tested using real traffic data from GRnet concerning our institutional network. Experimental as well as simulation results based on real daily data from the GRnet IP traffic demonstrate the applicability of the model. The proposed MRSP algorithm was able to identify successfully unusual activities contained in the test datasets and produce proper warnings. Applications on real-time D/DoS bandwidth-flooding attack detection, are also presented.


Network traffic Mean reverting stochastic process Autoregressive model State space Kalman filter Time-series prediction Router bandwidth demand prediction DDoS bandwidth-flooding attack detection 


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  2. 2.Division of Computer Engineering and Information ScienceHellenic Air Force Academy, Dekeleia Air Force BaseDekeleia, AtticaGreece

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