A Study of Semiotics: An Investigation of the Use of Signs and Symbols to Provide Positive Shopping Experience in a Cashier-Less Store

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With the rise of cashier-less stores in both the East and West, there is a concern about what constitutes the appropriate signs and symbols in cashier-less stores that offer positive shopping experience. This paper is to shed light on this issue with a focus on semiotics especially Peirce’s theory of signs. It investigates the possibility of having a universal set of signs and symbols in cashier-less stores. It concludes that the ten classes of sign by Peirce are the solid foundation for the study, albeit they were developed more than a hundred years ago.


Cashier-less store Pierce’s theory of signs Semiotics Shopping experience 


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  1. 1.Department of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of ArtsHong Kong Shue Yan UniversityNorth PointHong Kong
  2. 2.Department of Design, Faculty of Design and EnvironmentTechnological and Higher Education Institute of Hong KongChai WanHong Kong

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