Impact of Data Exchange Provided by ATD2 Tools at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

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Data Exchange and Integration is necessary for progress towards an Integrated Arrival, Departure, and Surface (IADS) traffic management capability. In collaboration with the FAA, NASA has introduced new data exchange elements to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport air traffic facilities, including the American Airlines ramp, as part of the Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD2). This paper describes the new tools that deliver these elements, and the human factors impact of the tools as measured by post-bank surveys. Workload was unaffected by ATD2 tool use, and situational awareness was improved in the Tower and with Ramp controllers in the second round of surveys. Respondents described their tools as more helpful if they included ATD2 tools (1) in the Tower for insuring compliance for aircraft under a Traffic Management Initiative, (2) in the TRACON when actively used for many TRACON tasks, and (3) in the Ramp in the second round of surveys.


Airport surface scheduling Integrated arrival, Departure, and surface traffic management Human factors assessment in field operations 


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  1. 1.NASA Ames Research CenterSan Jose State University Research FoundationMoffett FieldUSA
  2. 2.NASA Ames Research CenterMoffett FieldUSA

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