National Language Technologies Portals for LRLs: A Case Study

  • Delyth PrysEmail author
  • Dewi Bryn JonesEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10930)


The new Welsh National Language Technologies Portal is an extensive resource for researchers, developers in the ICT and digital media spheres, open source enthusiasts and code clubs who may have limited understanding of language technologies but which nevertheless have a need for incorporating linguistic data and capabilities into their own projects, products, processes and services in order to better serve their wider LRL community. It includes a repository of free, simple and accessible resources with documentation, tutorials, example code and projects. This paper describes the rationale and process of building the Portal, new novel resource dissemination mechanisms employed, such as online APIs and Docker, as well as the lessons learnt and applicability to other similar linguistic situations and communities.


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The Welsh National Language Technologies Portal project reported on in this paper was made possible with the financial support of the Welsh Government, through its Technology and Digital Media in the Welsh Language Fund. The authors would also like to thank the contributors from various SMEs, hackers and communities of users that assisted the project team.


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