Correction to: Consumer (Co-)Ownership in Renewables in California (USA)

  • Felicia van TulderEmail author
  • Sharon Klein
  • Erika Morgan

Correction to:

Chapter 21 in: J. Lowitzsch (ed.), Energy Transition,

The original chapter was inadvertently published with incorrect affiliation of one of the authors ‘E. Morgan’. The affiliation has been corrected in the chapter as below:

E. Morgan

California Alliance for Community Energy, San Diego, CA, USA

Changed to:

E. Morgan

Energetic Management Associates, San Diego, CA, USA

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  • Sharon Klein
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  • Erika Morgan
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  2. 2.School of EconomicsUniversity of MaineOronoUSA
  3. 3.Energetic Management AssociatesSan DiegoUSA

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