The Role of Mobile Edge Computing Towards Assisting IoT with Distributed Intelligence: A SmartLiving Perspective

  • Hasibur RahmanEmail author
  • Rahim Rahmani
  • Theo Kanter
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Internet-of-Things (IoT) promises to impact every aspect of our daily life by connecting and automating everyday objects which bring the notion of SmartLiving. While it is certain that the trend will grow at a rapid speed, at the same time, challenge to alleviate intelligence of things by reaping value from the data requires to be addressed. The intelligence further cannot depend only on the existing cloud-based solutions which edge computing is expected to mitigate by integrating distributed intelligence. An IoT application necessitates applying knowledge with low latency. However, to comply with the vision of autonomic IoT and real-time intelligence, extracting and applying knowledge are necessitated for which this chapter proposes to exploit mobile edge computing (MEC) to further assist distributed intelligence. Therefore, the problem that this chapter addresses is feasibility investigation of MEC to provide intelligence by reasoning contextualised data and, thereby, the role of MEC in distributed intelligence.


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