Improving Trend Analysis Utilizing Misra-Gries Algorithm of User Responses acquired from an Audience Response System

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Innovation in response systems has evolved over time, moving away from hardware that requires extensive wiring to achieve network connectivity. There has been an increasing demand for clickers, a handheld remote control device, used to convey responses to questions. However, clicker-based audience response systems have been difficult to use and deploy. In today’s mobile-centric world, an individual with a mobile device has access to infinite opportunities. This study aims to utilize mobile technology to enable members of the audience to respond to questions through their mobile devices instead of additional hardware, which is inconvenient and expensive. This mobile application provides presenters with an important analytics tool that would help process identified aspects, based on participants’ responses, with illustrated graphs and identify the most frequent items with minimal user time and effort using Misra-Gries algorithm.



I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all people who gave their support and provided me information that I used in analyzing and designing the system and to make this possible.

I also acknowledge and express my gratitude to Mr. E.M. Almario, for his huge involvement in the development of this study and Malayan Colleges Laguna for the financial support.

Most importantly, none of this would have been possible without the unconditional love of our Almighty God, Jesus Christ, my source of all, strength, provisions, wisdom, and knowledge. Without Him, I am nothing. To God be the glory!


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