Restoration of the Littoral Zone

  • Karin PallEmail author
  • Ulrike Goldschmid
Part of the Aquatic Ecology Series book series (AQEC, volume 10)


In the context of the restoration of the Alte Donau, the planting of reed and marsh plants (helophytes) was carried out in the early 1990s. The three planting methods applied (planting young reed or reed cuttings, using a rhizome/soil mixture and sowing), are described in detail. The development of the introduced helophyte stands is further analysed. To allow helophyte plantings, some parts of the lake shore had to be modified. The measure generated habitats in this urban oxbow lake not only for the introduced species but also for various other species, which settled spontaneously in the littoral zone.


Helophytes Marsh plants Shore zone Lake restoration Reed planting Reed belt Phragmites australis 



This study was funded by the City of Vienna, Municipal Department 45 (Water Management). We would like to thank for permission of publication.


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