The Transatlantic Dialogue (TAD) on Public Administration and Management and the Strategic Partnership Between ASPA and EGPA

  • Fabienne MaronEmail author
  • Edoardo Ongaro
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Established in 2005, the Transatlantic Dialogues (TADs) is a series of conferences that was initiated to address contemporary issues and challenges in public governance, public administration and public management arising from both sides of the Atlantic. The purpose of the TAD is to conjoin academics and practitioners from both Europe and the US around the joint investigation of key topics for the field, especially through comparative methods and approaches. By probing into a different topic of inquiry every year, the TAD series has enabled to integrate the perspectives and cognitive maps of scholars from both sides of the Atlantic to tackle a wide range of issues and produce countless publications. Since the establishment of the TAD series, over 30 conference co-chairs, over 150 workshop co-chairs and 14 American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) presidents from the American side and 3 EGPA presidents from the European side have enabled and supported the TADs. And, crucially, a total of about 1000 participants (at the time this book goes to press) have contributed to make the successive TAD conferences a success.


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