Doctoral Education in European Public Administration: The Contribution of EGPA’s PhD Symposium

  • Christoph ReichardEmail author
  • Eckhard Schröter
Part of the Governance and Public Management book series (GPM)


This chapter highlights the role and contribution of EGPA in educating and socializing the next generation of young researchers into the interdisciplinary community of public administration, management and policy scholars in Europe. In doing so, it also provides an overview of the current state of the art in doctoral education in the field of public administration in Europe. Against this background, the chapter presents the annual “EGPA Workshop for PhDs and Young Researchers” (or for short: the EGPA PhD project) in the context of changing institutional settings and academic markets of PhD education in Europe. Consequently, EGPA carries an important responsibility as a representative of the public administration community in shaping the course of PhD education in our field in Europe.


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